- This project requires significant resources and financial support.

- It is through donations of money, medicine and medical equipment that we can work..

- Donors can be particulates, societies, associations, organizations of the most diverse.

- A first phase of startup requires an envelope of our 300 000 € for installation and to work the first two years.

- At the same time we will be able to count on the recognition of our ASBL as aan ONG by the authorities of Luxembourg.

- We wish to welcome doctors and non-medical volunteers who would like to invest


We are a team of doctors and non doctors active within our non-profit organization YETI MEDICAL HOUSE under Luxembourg law.

Address: 113, Route d’Arlon L-1140 Luxembourg

Email: yetimedicalhouse@gmail.com

Phone: (00352) 621 506550 | (0032) 478 330416 | (00352) 621 170949